What I’ve been doing…

A busy time right now….  Come to think of it, most times are busy!

Anyway, getting ready for my first appearance at the 10th Annual Fashion Show and Boutique of the Textile At Alliance (TAA – associated with the Cleveland Art Museum). I will have work in the fashion show as well as a booth in the boutique. The hardest part right now is sewing tags on all the silk scarves I’ve dyed this past year!

Here are some glimpses of some of the garments (repurposed and some rearranged) that will be available for new owners:

                 Imagered and grey         

          browns and olive

elegant rust

mud circles skirt            mud lines skirt

locut leaves shirt

Dyeing continues…

After the weekend Natural Dyeing workshop that I held here at my home, I saved the pots of water that were used for dyeing with copper, iron and aluminum. There is always some color floating around in a pot after its been used and I figured I would re-use it to take advantage of the first dyeings.

The aluminum was nice, but OH BOY! I feel like I hit the jackpot with the iron pot!

nat dyed silk scarves

The silk scarves just burst with color from two different eucalyptus leaves, avocado pit and skins, blueberries and lots of onion skins both yellow and red. I know they will lighten as they dry and some of the dyestuffs are still stuck to the silk, but they look gorgeous!



nat dyed papers

Even some papers came out lovely!  Over the weekend we didn’t see much color from the Eucalyptus rudis (long leaf), but this potful must’ve been just right.

The grey on both silk and paper is from the re-used iron water.


I’ve got the copper pot simmering right now in hopes of a similar jackpot!

From another perspective

Sara Pearce, a local paper collage artist and one of the lovely people attending the past weekend’s Natural Dyeing workshop, just put up pictures and some description on her blog – you might want to check it out.

Busy weekends

The past two weekends were busy ones. Held two sessions of Natural Dyeing on Paper and Cloth here in my garage (and on the back deck, and on the front porch, and in the driveway, and in the living room and kitchen and music room….!). Sponsored by CBAS (Cincinnati Book Arts Society, a total of 19 people came and played with all sorts of botanicals. Lots of fun!

An opportunity!

Just in case you were wondering what to do with yourself either the weekend of July 20-21 or the weekend of July 27-28, I have the perfect solution!

I am holding a Natural Dyeing on Cloth and Paper workshop at my place! We will spend the first day of each weekend making bundles of cloth/clothing and plant bits as well as paper bundles (I know which papers work best!) to do contact dyeing in pots of iron and copper. There will also be the chance to do some rust dyeing and compost dyeing in baggies that you can take home to finish.

This is being offered under the auspices of the the Cincinnati Book Arts Society (CBAS) and is a very inexpensive way to enjoy your weekend.

Interested?  Let me know at judy @ judydominic . com  (remove the spaces before sending!) and I’ll send you all the particulars.