Unwanted company

Here we were, minding our own business, celebrating my oldest sister’s birthday with the added celebration of it being mother’s day. To cap off the celebration, M and I planned a soak in the hot tub. To that end, I hadn’t minded missing my periodic soaks throughout the week (due to all the rain) leading up to the celebration, knowing that there was a luxurious treat awaiting.

The day was sunny and chilly – perfect for a water temp of 101-102 degrees F. Armed with fluffy towels and too early for wine and cheese, we lifted the tub cover.

Out popped a mouse! And it had a lovely little floating island of dried moss and leaf bits drifting around trailing debris through the depths of the tub.

I readily admit to having my mom’s mice genes in that I “EEK” every time I see a mouse. I have NOT ever climbed on a chair, though. and living in the country surrounded by woods, it has been impossible to keep them out of the garage, shed and ceiling/walls of the house.

They have invaded my basketry area in the past and I have liberally used traps (both humane and non) and D-Con. They eat the traps (as well as the bait) without getting caught and store all the D-Con pellets in special little caches throughout my stuff. Over time, I’ve at least been able to keep their evidence out of sight in my space.

But the HOT TUB! This space is PERSONAL!

Yesterday’s guest was promptly removed (tossed overboard and scampered away) and the island mess cleaned up fairly well. M assured me this was no worse than all her lifeguard days of cleaning out pools, so we did actually soak a bit. And then, this morning, just to check…..

THREE MICE! A momma and two younguns enjoying another floating island of moss bits. Plus they had chewed a hole through the vinyl skirting.

This means war, now!

Nothing on-line references mice in the actual tub of a hot tub. Mostly mice have gotten into the cabinet and/or motor area. My hot tub guy was astounded about the mice being in the water. He’s gonna check with his service guys, but thinks maybe a high level of chlorine might do the trick. He also likes D-Con, but I certainly don’t want those pellets ending up in the tub, too.

I don’t want to bait traps because that will also attract other varmits to the deck. And I feel bad about going after a critter outside (after all, that IS their space) but they have invaded MY space! A cat might work, but that means trying to keep one around the house, on the outside, without it eating other things and then not being hungry enough to chase the mice. Dilemmas!

But I WILL get my hot tub back.

And the mice WILL stay out!



Baby smiles

Wonderfully brilliant things – baby smiles!  And then they transform into giggles and out-right laughter – stupendous!  And then, just as quickly, they dissolve into tears and cries.  The ever-changing life of a baby… it is a good thing they start with the smiles!


Actually, my 7 month grandson melts my heart every time I see him – smiling or not. I’m hoping to have time with my 5.5 month granddaughter so I can experience her heart-melting abilities, too!


This grandma gig is good.

Auld Lang Syne

The moon is half full, looking so much like a watermelon slice. It is clear and crisp out after a day of clouds.

My love and I just celebrated the beginning of the New Year with folks in Labrador – we didn’t want to wait till midnight here. He has already tucked into bed – needs to be up early for church services. And I have headed back to my office to finish up some paperwork and patterns needed for next week.

This past year was a good one. We’ve grown closer, I feel, and have expanded our family through no effort on our part.

Sebastian and Scarlett are the newest stars and their parents are learning the joys and heartaches, as well as the headaches, of being responsible for another human. They are also abundantly showing the overwhelming love that comes with parenthood. And it humbles me.

As we close out 2011 and peer into 2012, I hold you all close, beseech blessings for/on you, and wish you all the best that the year has to offer.

Sales wrap up and up next

A big thank you to all you came by my booth at Harmony Lodge and Clifton Cultural Arts Center or shopped the Weavers Guild Fall Sale – the last three weekends have been very good for my inventory of naturally dyed clothing and scarves.

I now get a breather from sales concerns and can focus on family!  We’ll be gathering for Thanksgiving dinner with our sons and their wives …. and our two new grandchildren!  I’m all prepared to do some major cuddling.

Wishing all of you, where ever you are, a time of peace, gentleness, and generosity.

Back from NY

The Eastern Great Lakes Fiber Conference went extremely well.  Held at the Chautauqua Institute in NY, we enjoyed the lovely autumn coloring, the mist on the lake in the mornings and the cool crisp air morphing into warm sunny days.

About 70 very fun fiber folks attended sharing their fiber passions and craziness.  I felt in good company! My students were the absolute best in both the twining session as well as the mudcloth class. I did get some pictures of some of their incredible work, but haven’t had a chance to upload them yet.

It is always a delight to meet new folks and pure joy to reconnect with old-time friends – and both happened in NY.

I was able to add to the pleasure of the trip with a stop in Cleveland on the way home, visiting with my eldest and youngest sons and a lovely blooming young mother-to-be.  Grandchild #2 is due in a couple weeks – can’t wait!