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RECENTLY PUBLISHED:  Down To Earth: Bogolanfini Modified (Mudcloth)

2016, JAD Press, 26 pages of a ‘workshop in a book’, 15 color photos of authentic bogolanfini and the author’s own work, classroom lesson plan chapter, resources and more, all in a horizontal soft clamshell binding for ease of use. Hardcopy is $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping in USA only ( for all other countries, please contact me with your address and shipping will be determined). Electronic pdf file available. Please allow up to 5 days for your copy to be processed. Click here for email contact with the author if you have any questions or use the form below or on the contact page.

Down To Earth, Hardcopy vs E-file



Garlic Baskets – approx. 17” x 5” diameter; rattan reed; hanger and wrap could be raffia or reed; ideal for keeping garlic close at hand in the kitchen or for a small potted plant; $15 each
Garlic Baskets with Reed or Raffia Wrap



Multi-use sewn cloth mats, miscellaneous fibers (mostly cottons), approximately 5″ diameter. $10 each.

Decorative Sewn Cloth Mats - 5 inches



Buried: triptych, handmade paper painted with MUDs and matted (10″ X 8″); $45 each, $80/two, $115/three.

Handmade Paper Painted with MUD's - 10" X 8"


Circles: triptych, handmade paper painted with MUDs and matted (10″ X 8″); $45 each, $80/two, $115/three.