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Current creativity

Oh, it has been a long time since posting… Mostly busy with life and grandkids (who are so wonderfully adept at sharing their colds!). Lately, though, I have been gearing up for a new spring sale that the Studio Collection group decided to do. Saturday, April 25, 10-4pm at Harmony Hall (same place as usual,… Continue Reading

The flight gods…

…are with me. I scored an aisle seat of a threesome with no other seat mates! I’m thinking that the flight snafu has worked out positively. Late Saturday I went online to check for my seat assignment for the Virgin International flight out of Brisbane to LAX. Turned put the initial flight was moved up… Continue Reading

Forgot …

… how many days it has been raining here in Amberley, NZ. Suffice it to say that there have been a goodly number, as evidenced by the flooding that is happening around us. The main road to Christchurch is under water and homes are being evacuted in North Canterbury, near here. There must be some… Continue Reading

Off to …

… New Zealand this morning! On such a lovely gray, rainy day in Melbourne. I hear NZ is sunny today. It has been absolutely peachy in Melbourne and environs. Couldn’t have enjoyed it so much without the superb ministrations of Anne, Tony and friends. Last weekend was spent in Meeniyan with nine enthusiastic new mudders… Continue Reading

The News

Just got a link to the Wagin Argus which must be the local paper for the Lake Grace area: Nice story and set of pics from the workshops held there several weeks ago. Continue Reading