Play day

Had a great day yesterday (Wednesday) introducing Perthians/Perthites? to the fun of working with sausage casing. Some really nice items were developed – will post a block of pics on my flickr page at some point, but not today. Today was spent chillin’ at home, catching up on emails and finances, gathering more olives off…Continue reading Play day

Moving Day

Yesterday was a most deloghtful day in that it was sunny – for the most part – and full of good things. Started the morning wih poached eggs on rye accompanied by the sauteed saffron caps (mushrooms) from the other night – yum! Played with the resident dogs (Ooshi does like to catch balls!), experimented…Continue reading Moving Day

The Blues

Finally got to see some of the spectacular views of the Blue Mountains. No fog today and the sun actually stayed out for quite awhile. Expertly guided by Jude S, we drove to a couple overlooks, got to see a bit of a lyre bird courting his honey, checked out my housing for during the…Continue reading The Blues

Get set….

Oh, the piles!  They don’t seem to diminish.  Just added clothes today to the piles. Thought that would be a good idea…   Will be trying to squeeze out as much air as possible from all I can to get everything to fit. I think I’ll be okay weight-wise…   As a little follow-up to…Continue reading Get set….