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Sure glad you were not holding your breath…

…waiting for me to make another post here! Hah! Already a year has passed since my last post and a lot of life has happened.   Two major developments: I have removed my work from Gallery 708 in Cincinnati (not enough sales of my work after a year, unfortunately) and I have officially retired from… Continue Reading

Newest space for basket work

As of July 1, I am officially an artist member (limited) of Gallery 708, the newest artist-run gallery in downtown Cincinnati! My basketry went on display amid some very exciting work by what seems to be a ton of artists! So new at this I haven’t even figured out who is showing.   If you… Continue Reading

Enjoying free time

I feel so lazy!  After a very not exciting flight to Sydney on Wednesday, I have been enjoying the space and hospitality of Glenese’s home overlooking the harbour and city. Quite lovely!   Spent some time today with 2-almost-3 year old Rassmussen (Rass) at Primrose Park watching Jockey the dog run around and collecting leaves… Continue Reading

One more adventure…

… To go on this trip. But lots to catch up on now that I can get back into my blog!   The National Basketry Gathering that the various AU states put on is really a great event. Queensland folks ran it this year in the Gold Coast region south of Brisbane. Not actually on… Continue Reading