Unwanted company

Here we were, minding our own business, celebrating my oldest sister’s birthday with the added celebration of it being mother’s day. To cap off the celebration, M and I planned a soak in the hot tub. To that end, I hadn’t minded missing my periodic soaks throughout the week (due to all the rain) leading…Continue reading Unwanted company

Baby smiles

Wonderfully brilliant things – baby smiles!  And then they transform into giggles and out-right laughter – stupendous!  And then, just as quickly, they dissolve into tears and cries.  The ever-changing life of a baby… it is a good thing they start with the smiles!   Actually, my 7 month grandson melts my heart every time…Continue reading Baby smiles

Back from NY

The Eastern Great Lakes Fiber Conference went extremely well.  Held at the Chautauqua Institute in NY, we enjoyed the lovely autumn coloring, the mist on the lake in the mornings and the cool crisp air morphing into warm sunny days. About 70 very fun fiber folks attended sharing their fiber passions and craziness.  I felt…Continue reading Back from NY