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One week home…

… and my body is sorta back in this time zone. Although, after a sleepless night last night, I’m less sure. Unpacking, laundry and putting away has happened. The pile of mail is down to just a few items that need attention. Samples for two upcoming bookmaking classes have been created. Family contacted. Hot tub… Continue Reading

As I write this…

… it is just about 5pm in Western Australia, the sun is on the wane, a chill is creeping into the air, and Ollie has just delivered the continental breakfast I ordered (for tomorrow morning) to the door of #8 at the Saltbush Inn in Lake Grace. There are only seven other units, most of… Continue Reading

Get set….

Oh, the piles!  They don’t seem to diminish.  Just added clothes today to the piles. Thought that would be a good idea…   Will be trying to squeeze out as much air as possible from all I can to get everything to fit. I think I’ll be okay weight-wise…   As a little follow-up to… Continue Reading