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Quick Catch-up

i have been remiss in keeping up-to-date on my travel adventure So!   In quick order since I need to get out to teach this morning…   Investigated Nicola’s willow patch and found signs of aphids and cycadas- she will need to spray!   Got my hair trimmed – so much better now!   Visited… Continue Reading

More on the Whales

The town is still buzzing with the excitement from the driftwood whale building! View from the tail/fluke – body still needs filling in and rounding up. It eventually had a dors Four of the smaller whales closer to the tide line – each whale needed a spout of water coming out of a blow hole!… Continue Reading

Whale Building

A glorious day to build a whale!   Nicola and I had scouted out the best location and possible set of ‘bones’ to start with on Friday with fingers crossed that the intervening tides would not change things much. Our favorite bones were still there but headed in the wrong direction to have the whale… Continue Reading

Friday in Collingwood…

… was a mix of showers, sun and rainbows.   After doing a bit of laundry which we spread throughout the house to dry, my lovely hostess, Nicola, and I checked out the beach for the driftwood and whale scene. The cyclone had definitely changed the amount of driftwood available, burying tons of wood under… Continue Reading

Travel adventure!

Immediately after class was finished on Wednesday I joined another tutor in an express drive to Sydney for an overnight stay with one of my students. We both had flights out Thursday and were grateful to have the hospitality and transportation.   Beating the the morning rush hour, I was driven to the nearest train… Continue Reading